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As we are a small company we cannot currently offer 24/7 support. We will strive to keep the page updated with tips to help customers with any issues that may come up during the install or use of The Stylist Cord. We will also be able to offer assistance via email and phone.

The Stylist Company, LLC

The original hair clipper
detachable power cord system
What is The Stylist Cord?

Since 2015 The Stylist Cord has been helping stylist of all kinds to eliminate clutter and tangling at work stations. The Stylist Cord is an affordable hair clipper modification that allows a user to install a detachable power cord into their compatible devices. The existing power cord is replaced with a two part power cord. A short 6 inch cord is installed into your devices and then a single 8' power cord can be used to power of all your equipped devices. 

  • Eliminate power cord tangling from the use of multiple clippers

  • Power all compatible devices through a single power source

  • Traveling becomes easier and more manageable with less cords

  • Small and light weight connector design adds no bulkiness and virtually no weight compared to factory power cords

  • Clipper cords receive less stress with weight from power cord only being applied when in use thus increasing the lifespan of clipper cords


Benefits of
The Stylist Cord System
Having an issue? Don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help and stand by our products.